Tiger Woods was born on 30 December1975 and is an American pro golfer. He is tied for first place in PGA Tour wins, ranks second in men’s major championships and also holds a number of golf records. Woods is generally known as one of the greatest golfers of all time and he is one of the most renowned athletes in modern golfing history. He was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Early Career

Following an exceptional junior, college, and amateur golfing career, Woods turned professional in 1996 when he was 20. By the end of the first four months of 1997, he had bagged three PGA Tour events as well as his first major tournament, the 1997 Masters, which he won by 12 strokes in a record-breaking game.

Woods got to number one in the world rankings for the first time in June 1997, less than 12 months after going pro. Woods was the leading force in golf. He was the top-positioned golfer in the world between August and September 2004 (264 consecutive weeks) and also from June 2005 to October 2010 (281 consecutive weeks). During this period, he won 13 of golf’s main championships.

During the next decade of Woods’s career it was marked by comebacks from personal problems as well as injuries. He took a self-imposed hiatus from pro golf from December 2009 to early April 2010 to try and solve marital issues with his wife at the time, Elin. Woods confessed to multiple infidelities, and the couple got divorced eventually. He slipped to number 58 in the world rankings in late 2011.

Car Crash

Tiger Woods was hospitalised in the aftershock of a single-car wreck on 23 February 2021. Authorities officially ruled it an accident.

Woods suffered from “comminuted open fractures” to both the upper and lower sections of his tibia and fibula in his right leg, in addition to damage to his ankle bones and damage to his muscle and soft tissue of his leg. A comminuted fracture happens when a bone breaks into more than two pieces. An open fracture indicates bone broke the skin.

As part and parcel of the procedure, Woods’ right leg was stabilised by inserting a rod into the tibia. Screws and pins were utilised to stabilise the bones in the foot and ankle. In addition, a surgical release of the covering of the muscle was performed to relieve pressure due to swelling.

Is He Still At The Top Of His Game?

Tiger Woods has said he will never get to the top of golf again and will no longer play full time on the PGA Tour. However, he is slowly making a bit of a comeback. And if he’s looking for some action and excitement, he can always find it in Canadian casino slots.

Woods described his rehabilitation as the most difficult of his career, admitting that his primary goal was “merely looking forward to getting outside” after being immobilised for a number of months. Woods was firstly wheelchair-bound prior to slowly transitioning to crutches and then walking without help. He’s come a long way since, and continues to impress golf fans globally.