There are two kinds of people in this world: those that play golf, and those who wish they did. However, there are many misconceptions about the game that sometimes stand in the way of would-be participants.

We’ve taken a look at some myths about golf that will hopefully make it more accessible to all who want to play the sport.

  1. Golf is expensive

This may be the single biggest myth about golf for those who are unfamiliar with the game. Sports shops selling drivers and irons at exorbitant prices aren’t the only places to purchase basic gear – second-hand equipment is perfect for a beginner.

  1. Golf is not a real sport

What’s a “real” sport? Golf is, for one, according to the dictionary. A sport is defined as any competitive physical activity requiring skill, which is bound by a set of rules. True, some golfers don’t appear to be “physically fit” according to society’s standards, but the activity is more demanding than it looks. One aspect of the game that is often ignored is the distance each golfer must walk in between holes. Granted, it isn’t the 26.2 miles like the standard marathon, but combined with the physical precision needed in each swing, it’s more than enough to qualify as a sport.

  1. Golf is only for professionals

The flipside to the “golf isn’t a real sport” myth is that golf is only for professionals. This assumption often goes hand-in-hand with the first one – golf is expensive – and unfortunately prevents many would-be participants from taking part. The truth? Even professionals started somewhere. You don’t land a hole in one on your first day. Statistics say that an ace is usually scored once every 3500 rounds and golfers who achieve that have on average around 24 years of experience in the game.

  1. Playing the game: keep your head down

Golf newbies are often bombarded by different pieces of advice from multiple directions, and one of the most common is to keep your head down when you swing. Well-meaning “experts” stress this rule’s importance, insisting that it’s the only way to achieve clean contact with the ball. Mishits – fat shots and topped shots – are often blamed on a player’s failure to look down, but are really actually caused by other factors, such as an incorrect club length.

  1. Playing the game: don’t move your feet

Just like keeping your head down, nailing your feet to the ground has become an “invaluable” piece of advice for golfers. This is, unfortunately, another myth that holds beginners back and creates ongoing frustration. Shifting your weight between your feet is actually the best way of achieving a clean shot, as it enables the flexibility needed to rotate with your swing. That said, it’s not helpful to stumble around while you’re taking a shot, you need to have the steady focus of players at blackjack casinos online in India.

Golf For All

The great pity about misconceptions in general is that they hold people back from fulfilling their potential. The same goes for golf. By dispelling these myths we hope to encourage people to give the