The mark of a truly great golfer is being able to adapt to just about any kind of golf course. It takes years of dedication to the sport to really develop that flexibility, and it’s what sets the professionals apart from the amateur players.

But even some of the most experienced players in the world can sometimes be left stumped when coming face to face with a uniquely challenging course, and it can take all their skill and experience to conquer if – if they’re even able to.

Whistling Straits

Located in the US state of Wisconsin, Whistling Straits is widely regarded as one of the most challenging courses around. The course is home to almost 1000 bunkers, with an average of more than 50 bunkers per hole, enough to put most players off.

Some of them are so small that there’s hardly enough room for the golfer, and if the balls lands in the wrong place, it can be almost impossible to get it back out. Famous golfer Dustin Johnson found this out the hard way in 2010 during the US PGA Championship when he thought that he had landed on normal ground, but it turned out to be a bunker and he ultimately lost the lead for that event.

Palm Course

This course, found in Malaysia, has earned a reputation for being extremely tough to complete, and there are a lot of reasons for its well-known name: The Cobra. One of the challenges that a player will be facing is the multiple hazards that are between the starting tee and the end of the course, which includes a lot of sand as well as plenty of jungle.

But perhaps the most difficult part of the course is the putting surface, which are anything but smooth, and only the very best putters in the golfing world have been able to successfully navigate these infamous putting areas.

Carnoustie Golf Links

The Carnoustie Golf Links course was given the name “Carnasty” in 199 due to the brutal winds and chills of the coast of the North Sea. It’s the perfect mixture of everything that can make a course difficult for a player. The bunkers are hard to deal with, but it’s the constant wind that comes off the sea that really makes this course one-of-a-kind.

In fact, players like Sergio Garcia as well as Jean Van De Velde were reduced to tears attempting to get through this course, and anyone interested might want to stay home instead and enjoy the latest NZ T20l Tri-Series Finals betting.

Cape Kidnappers

This New Zealand golf course is known for being fairly dangerous to play on due to the fact that there are sheer cliffs dotted around the area. It’s a beautiful but harsh course that becomes near to impossible to play when the wind really picks up, and many players have given up trying to make their way through the back nine.