Golf is the sport that many people refer to as the “gentleman’s game”, and there is a reason for that name. There are dress codes, equipment necessities, and certain gear that you simply have to have before stepping foot onto the greens and looking like a real golfer.

Now of course, many people may consider a lot of the gear and clothes that golfers wear as redundant or unnecessary, but simply put, that has always been part of the game. Having the right gear is a necessity to play golf, other than wearing the white polo neck and tan golfing pants.

While the clothes may be optional (but encouraged), the actual golfing equipment is a must. So, if you’re looking to get into the sport of golf, and are wondering what gear you’re going to be needing, look no further. Here are three pieces of golfing equipment that you will need before hitting the course.

Golf Clubs

This is an obvious one, right? How are you going to hit the ball without first having your own set of clubs? Clubs are extremely individualized, even though there is a set of different types, from the nine iron to the putter, that every golfer has to carry around the course with them. They are individualized in terms of your own preference for grips, as well as your height – you’ll need to find a set of clubs that you feel comfortable using.

Golf clubs also are not cheap – it is actually expensive to play golf in comparison to a sport like a soccer for example. So, when buying a set of clubs, make sure that you test out a few different types and sizes, before settling on your purchase. You may even want to use your wins from playing at an online gambling casino to buy clubs that really suit you. This will pay off in the long run.

Golf Shoes

Now, what many people need to understand about golf, is that most of the physical activity comes from two things. Swinging your club when hitting the ball and moving around the course. Many golf courses are exceptionally large in size, and if you’re a beginner, it is highly unlikely that you’re going to have your own golf cart to transport you from hole to hole.

For that reason, it is imperative that you get a pair of comfortable walking/golfing shoes that have enough grip to keep you steady when measuring your shots.

Golf Gloves

Another absolute gear necessity that you need, especially if you’re looking to play the sport in the long term, is a pair of protective golfing gloves. Holding and swinging your clubs is going to be extremely taxing on your hands, especially because most golf clubs have harsh rubber grips. You need to protect your hands and your skin if you’re going to be playing golf often enough to start improving your game.

Gloves, along with shoes, will make the entire experience of playing golf easier and far more enjoyable, and their protective qualities should not be underestimated.