There’s a lot that separates amateur golf players from the pros. Whether it’s the skills and training required or time management- most of the pros know that golf is as much a physical game as it is a mental one.

Unlike a lot of other sports, golfers can’t simply rely on their athleticism and physical skills to get them through the game. The state of your mind can make a difference in your success. Some of the biggest moments in golf would have happened if there was no thought behind them.

Maintaining your mental focus and composure is just as important as perfecting your swing and other techniques. This requires taking the time to think about and focus on your game, rather than just blindly swinging.

Here are a few tips to keep your mental golf game sharp.

Focus On The Present Moment

Your main focus should be the ball and the target when you’re playing golf. If it’s not, you may be compromising your swing.

It’s easy to get distracted by a poor shot or upcoming holes, but this can seriously hinder your ability to perform to your best. Turn off your cell phone to avoid distracting calls. Tick everything from your to-do list off before you hit the course so that you aren’t worried about finishing on time to complete other tasks.

A simple tip for staying present is to focus on your breathing. Paying attention to how your breath moves in and out of your body will bring you back down to earth.

Deep breaths can also help with stress and not losing your temper over a bad shot. It keeps you centered. Unlike other sports, you need a relaxed demeanor to compete in golf.

Visualize A Good Shot

Visualizing a good game is part of every game you play – and anything you want to succeed in, in life. Whether it’s hitting the jackpot playing online slots or getting a hole in one, it can help you to achieve your aim.

Try to visualize a perfect swing that sends the ball flying and landing exactly where it should. This not only helps with your nerves but can give you a clear picture of what you want your next shot to look like.

Develop A Pre-Swing Routine

A consistent pre-swing routine helps you to stay focused and mentally prepare for every shot. It creates a sense of familiarity and control that you can use to feel confident in high-pressure games.

This routine can take on any form. Whether it’s saying a mantra to yourself, taking a deep breath, visualizing your shot, or all three- developing a pre-swing routine will allow you to perfect your game.

View Your Mistakes As Lessons

Everyone is human- even golfers. We all make mistakes, and you shouldn’t regret them. Rather, you should embrace them.

You can learn a lot about your game by understanding where you went wrong. Instead of beating yourself up about a bad shot, identify how you could do it differently next time.

Seeing your mistakes as lessons will help you to continue to grow and develop your game. Improvement is the only way that you can reach perfection.